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Coca Cola

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Executive Summary


            The Coca Cola corporation is defined to be the most well known trade mark in the world, and it is justly so. Coca Cola owns over 400 brands that appeal to many different people all throughout the world. They are able to satisfy the needs of all their consumers and make their experiences with Coca Cola better. The Coca Cola products appeal to a wide range of people from all races, genders, and ages. Coca Cola is well known for its worldwide popularity as its products are sold to over 200 counties, while major competitors only sell in several countries, putting Coca Cola ahead of all competition. Coca Cola is a obvious and easily recognized by all. The popularity of Coca Cola has grown very recognizable company. It is known worldwide and its branding is constantly earned by Coca Cola surpasses all other beverage companies and these funds would over the years, is still growing to this day, and will continue into the future. The finances prove vital in the future of Coca Cola as it allows for the promotion of many other products. Many aspects of Coca Cola prove to be superior to that of competitors, ranging from promotional techniques to corporate structure. Some of these aspects include, positioning, market mix strategy, and implementation plan. These aspects place Coca Cola superior to competitors, instigating Coca Coal to aspire higher goals and missions. It is our mission at Coca Cola to refresh and completely satisfy the world and it is our vision to make a bottle of Coca Cola available within arms’ reach of every person all around the globe.


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