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Coca Cola

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Company Description

     Coca Cola was founded in 1886 by Dr. John Stith Pemberton a former pharmacist who gave the syrup that was used for Coca Cola. Today this company leads the world in manufacturing, marketing, and distributing nonalcoholic beverages. They have approximately 400 beverage brands. The corporate headquarters are located in Atlanta and there are also many local operations in more that 200 countries worldwide. An outstanding 1.3 billion beverage servings are sold each day across the globe. The name “Coca Cola” comes from two of the ingredients and the intelligent thought that the two C’s would look good when put together. Coca Cola employs around 50 000 people across the world. This company also sponsors many high profile sporting events such as the World Cup of Soccer, the National Basketball Association, the Tour de France, the National Football League, NASCAR, and the Olympics. Coca Cola owns four of the top five soft drinks today. These drinks four drinks are Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta, and Sprite. They also include noncarbonated beverages such as waters, juices, sports drinks, teas, and coffees in their repertoire. Coca Cola also looks to help and provide for communities frequently. Always looking to give back to the community, they interact with the general public and provide camps and services. Coca Cola likes to think that they are a big part of life in communities that sell the product. Coca Cola as an organization is constantly buying out other companies and their products to enhance and to continually grow as a company. Although it does not do the bottling itself, the company owns approximately 36% of Coca Cola Enterprises, which is the largest Coke bottler found in the world. Coca Cola has even been viewed as an American way of life. Some have said that bringing these products into their country is like an American invasion, both economically as well as culturally. Coca Cola’s success is incredible and almost incomparable. It will dominate the world stage of soft drinks for many, many years. 

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