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Coca Cola

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Strategic Focus and Plan

Mission- It is our mission at Coca Cola to refresh and completely satisfy the world. We will give and provide supreme quality for an affordable price. We will be consistent in and true in what we do well. It is our mission to fill hearts with joy and happiness to make a difference across the globe. We will work to our potential and always seek out the best in everything we do. One hundred percent commitment is what we will provide to consistently get better. We will always treat our customers, our associates, our employees, and anyone we interact with, with the utmost respect, honesty and integrity. It is our mission, to give all people hope and inspiration in all that they do. It is our mission…to make a difference.


Vision- It is our vision to make a bottle of Coca Cola available within arm’s reach of every person on the world. We also strive to maximize the return to stockholders, as efficiently as possible. We look to provide a great work environment with positive and successful attitudes. We will always be providing all people with the opportunity to purchase a large variety of beverages that will fulfill a person’s required desire. It is our vision to promote good ethics and responsibilities to the public eye to create a better Earth. We are always looking to grow as a company and continue to build a winning network. It is our vision to be a fair and responsible organization that treats its business partners and customers well.


Goals- Our goals at Coca Cola involve both financial and non financial targets that we will be striving for. We know that it is vital to list out our goals and planed route of action to complete these goals. First off, the non-financial goals, we aim to make Coca Cola appear healthier and lower risk. Coca Cola has received a bad reputation that is not fully justified. We have many other products that are healthy and it is our goal to advertise these products and make them more popular so the people can be satisfied. Also we will be looking to replace coffee. Obviously we are not looking to replace it completely but rather promote the energy side of some of our beverages and let it be known that some our products can have the same effect that coffee has. Advertising more is something else that we will be looking to do. Many people are unaware of everything we have going on at Coca Cola and we aspire to spread the knowledge so that more people can enjoy what we have to offer. Furthermore, we set as a goal for the world to know why Coke is better than Pepsi and thus strive to put this in the minds of society so they can purchase our product more often. One financial goal that we are setting is at least 100% sales increase over the next two years targeted for our lesser know products. This fits in to our other goal of constantly increasing profit and financially growing as a company. As a measurable benchmark, a financial goal exists of achieving and total revenue of $23 300 000 000 by the year 2008.


Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage: What we do at Coca Cola is very unique and will give us a great competitive advantage. Looking at where we are now shows that we have a great base to work from. Our popularity already gives us a great competitive advantage and will work in our favor. The uniqueness in what we do is outstanding. We are not just a company who sells drinks and makes money. We sell many high quality beverages to communities and expect them to not only receive a refreshing taste, but to be inspired and feel apart of something much larger when they drink from Coca Cola. Also, our events in which we host and the opportunities we provide for people all across the world is unique in the sense that we do our best to give back to the world and make a difference. There are other companies that sell great beverages. There are other companies who give back to the community. However, we are that rare brand of a company with the perfect mix, we do both and that is why we are so successful. The uniqueness in which we have translates into a competitive advantage.



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