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Coca Cola

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Evaluation and Control

            Two objectives are sought after, one being to promote more awareness on the minor products that is owned by Coca-Cola Enterprises, and the other is to promote Coca-Cola products to be a healthier drink. Both goals will be reached out to simultaneously and both can have one of three outcomes, successful, potentially successful, and unsuccessful. If the actual sales is close to match, match, or surpass the targeted values, then the outcome is said to be successful. If either objective is reaches and labeled as successful, the same course of action would continue and pursue goals to further increase sales. Next, a product is deemed potentially successful if a rise in sales is experienced after the plans are put into effect. In such case(s), more finance would be imputed into the project in order to maintain/continue the remedial actions and to increase its intensity, in hopes that through this, this objective would be reached and the sales deemed successful. Finally, if the actions take place and no increase in sales is experienced, or a fall of sales occurs, the sales promotion is unsuccessful. An unsuccessful sales promotion would be discontinued and the funds be reallocated to elsewhere within the enterprise.

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