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Coca Cola

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Company Analysis

             Coca cola has had many successes. Recently Coca Cola and BonAuqa was awarded “best product of the year” in “soft drink” and “water” categories respectively by the National Trade Association of Russia in 2005. Kiwi Blue Spring Water received silver in packaging category at 2005 summit creative awards in Portland, Oregon in 2005. Also Coca Cola Great Britain recently launched 2005 Sprite 3G, a new tasting energy drink. Our current marketing strategy is  to promote the lesser-known products under Coca cola enterprises to be more successful. In two years(2008) we plan on making 100% sales increase our lesser-known products. Our goals at Coca cola involve both financial and non financial targets that we will be striving for. Our non financial goals aim to make coca cola appear healthier and low risk. Coca cola has received bad reputations for that, but is not fully justified. Also advertising more because most people are unaware of our other products that are out on the market. We need to let the world know why coca cola is better than Pepsi, put this in the minds of society. Our financial goal is  at least 100% sales increase over the next two years targeted for our lesser known products.

            Our mission is to refresh and completely satisfy the world. We will provide supreme quality for an affordable price. We are consistent and true in what we do well and are always looking to improve our weaknesses. Our mission to fill hearts with joy and happiness to make a difference across the globe and treat customers, associates, employees and anyone we interact with, with the most respect, honesty, integrity. We want to make a difference. Our vision is to make Coca Cola bottles available within arm’s reach of every person in the world. Strive to maximize the return to stockholders, as efficiently as possible. Provide good work environment with positive and successful attitudes. Were always looking to grow as a company and continue to build a winning network. We have a vision to be fair and responsible organization that treats it business partners and customers well.

            The Coca Cola company has many strengths in it. It s very known world wide Its branding is obvious and easily recognized. It has a lot of finance. We have good customer loyalty and we trade internationally which widens our horizon. Coca cola doesn’t have as many weaknesses, but still there are a few. Word of mouth is a weakness of coca cola. Lack of popularity of Coca cola products, most are not as known as the other popular ones that are on the market. Also health issues that surround some of our products, this is a great weakness and possibly loses coca cola customers. Coca Cola have some opportunities, for example they have many different brands that we should continue to exploit and pursue. We have the opportunity to advertise its less popular products and the ability to buy out their competition. Coca cola is known well throughout 90% of the world population today. Now coca cola wants to get their brand name know even better and possibly get closer and closer to 100%. Coca cola does not have many threats to it but there still are some, for instance Health-consciousness attitude of the market could have a serious effect on coca cola. Also Pepsi and coca cola control nearly 40% of the entire beverage market, therefore our threat is Pepsi.

            Coca cola is seeing a trend in people wanting to lead a healthier life style so they make drinks to suit the needs of their current customers for the business. People are also becoming more conscious about their environment, and the damage that has  been done in earlier years. Many people make their purchase decisions partially based on a  companies social responsibility and their ethics. The company stands for the same goals that their consumers are trying to protect. Therefore Coca Cola is trying to be environmentally aware. Coca cola has many different products that appeal to different target markets. Coca cola has made sure to cover all of these groups so every target market has something that appeals to them.

            In the USA they are having a promotion going on called Coca-cola. Drink. Watch. Cheer. Win! Purchase any specially marked 12-packs of Coca Cola products. Then return to the Coca Cola site and enter a 15 digit code found inside the packaging. You will then be assigned a specific Olympic winter games event. Watch it on NBC to see if 2006 USA wins a medal. You will then cheer that event  and if team USA win any medal you will win a prize if it’s your  event. You could win free coca cola products, and be entered in the following, 17 daily draws, a trip for two to Washington DC for a exclusive celebration gala with the 2006 team USA. Grand prize, a 6 day all expense paid trip for 2 to the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. Includes airfare, accommodations, tickets to Olympic events and even $5,000 in spending money. The promotion started January 2, 2006 till march 15, 2006.

            Coca cola has a very known logo that many people recognize all around the globe. They have also had many slogans over the years, some are “Delicious


and Refreshing" from 1904 ,  It’s the Real Thing" from 1969, "Have a Coke and Smile" from 1978 and the latest one "Life tastes good". These are only a few of the many.

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