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Coca Cola

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Customer Analysis

            The Coca Cola Company exists to satisfy the consumers’ needs. The Coca Cola Company has over 400 brands of drinks designed to satisfy a very wide range of consumers. They are able to provide drinks for many different target markets including, people of all ages, sexes, races, etc. Coca-Cola products are able to sell to a diverse worldwide population and its success is unmatched.  

            In today’s society, people are looking to lead better, healthier lives, Coca Cola seeing this trend has begun to produce, diet drinks that have the same great taste as their regular drinks while still being low fat or low calorie drinks, such as diet coke, or coke zero.  They also have many lines of fruit juices for both kids and adults, such as Disney Hundred Acre Woods for kids, and Odwalla, for adults who want a grown up taste in a healthy fruit beverage.

            Coca Cola products are purchased by all the different classes, but mainly by the middle and high-class citizens, because they have more money to spend on luxury items.  Coca Cola is a very successful company; due to their success they are able to spend more moneymaking their factories work more efficiently.  They can do this by updating the equipment used to produce their drinks.

            Although people today are becoming more conscious about their environment, and the damage that has been done in prior years. Many people make their purchase decisions partially based on a company’s ethics, or social responsibility.  By contributing to stop pollution both within and outside their factories, they will gain the trust and respect of the potential buyers, who care about saving our environment. In gaining their trust and respect more people will be willing to purchase their products, because the company stands for the same goals that their consumers are trying to protect. The Coca Cola Company, tries to be more environmentally aware.

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