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Coca Cola

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            The Coca Cola Company spends a great deal of their time and efforts focusing on the advertising of there well known drinks such as Coca Cola Classic, Coke Zero, Sprite, etc. In fact within the past couple of months coke zero has come up with two separate promotions. One was that upon purchase of any Coca Cola product you receive a mini 241mL can of Coke Zero, and currently upon purchase of a Coke Zero you get your name entered in a draw to win either a Maple leafs Jersey or a Maple Leafs Sweatshirt.  Also you see television ads for Coca Cola Classic, with the polar bears, and sprite.  In relation to Pepsi and Kraft, this positioning is different because few of our products are widely known whereas most of Pepsi’s and Kraft’s are.  Molson Coors is actually similar to Coca Cola in the current positioning because they as well focus on a few products.   We are going to change our focus this year.  Coca Cola in the eyes of many people is seen as an unhealthy beverage.  This year we are going to try to promote the healthier side of Coca Cola.  We will not change the recipe for any products but simply promote are less known products with more effort.  As well we are trying to get Coke to replace coffee, because of this we are going to be promoting the energy aspect of coke.  People drink coffee to give them energy for the day and we want them to drink a Coca Cola product instead.  These smaller less known brands will hopefully become more widely known.  We are also going to be focusing on the healthy products, promoting the diet, low calories and juice drinks.  In relation to Pepsi and Kraft, we are actually positioning our products closer to the way that they are.  The positioning of Molson Coors will become less similar as we promote more and more products.

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