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Coca Cola

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Price Strategy

            As a company, we want to demonstrate to the public, the quality and care that go into every bottle.  Every bottle produce by Coca Cola is of the highest quality and reasonably priced.  For this reason, our prices are set at a fair and competitive price.  Our price may seem slightly high compared to some of the beverages, but we feel that we must promote the high quality of the beverage.  The prices for the Coca Cola beverages are not all set by the Coca Cola company, as so there will be fluctuations in the prices of the products.  Buying Coca Cola in a smaller store such as a gift, or convenient store, will be more expensive.  This is in part because you are paying for the convenience and because they tend to buy less and therefore it costs the company more.  Where as if you purchased from a grocery store they would be less expensive because they purchase their product in bulk and they purchase a significantly larger amount.  It may not however be as convenient for you to go to a grocery store every time you want a quick drink.

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